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    What’s Wrong with That House?

    Haunted? Cat farm? Meth lab?

    It’s much worse.  It’s a perfectly good house, full of someone’s blood… sweat, and tears.  It’s not selling and foot traffic is dwindling.  But, why?!

    What could possibly be behind that door that's scaring buyers away?
    What could possibly be behind that door?

    You’re the owner.  You have spent years creating memories, making improvements, and building pride in this home. When the next chapter came a-callin’, you hired a real estate agent and listed it for sale.  The months on market are adding up. So, what’s the problem?

    Glad you asked! It’s overpriced. That is precisely what is killing your eventual sales price and putting your plans on hold. It’s not due to a lack of brochures, open houses, or virtual tours.  If you price a pile of sticks right and post it on the internet, it will sell. Your home is much better than a pile of sticks.  The point is… there’s a buyer for everything at the right price, and you might be in wrong price territory.

    Now, we’re not here to judge. We get it — you devoted an enormous amount of work, time, and love to your home.  You’re not just going to give it away.

    Great news — we’re not in the business of giving things away.  Our job is to get you max dollar for your investment.  Max dollar usually has an inverse relationship with days on market. As the days increase, your pool of buyers starts decreasing and your odds of a great offer diminish.

    Buyers might be expecting this if your days on market are high.

    Yes, all those days on market tend to get people thinking that you cook meth in your basement or that you’re a really unmotivated seller.  You’ve been a buyer before. You know that both of those scenarios will cause buyers to drive by your listing without even waving.

    More great news – we don’t need you to move.  We do need you to be happy.  We do need you to be honest with yourself about your goals, your plans, and your motivation.

    When it’s truly your time to move, strike the market with purpose and get your max dollar.  The market speaks, we listen, and then we do the translating for you. If you like honesty, you’ll like working with us.

    This article is brought to you by the Southern Maryland Division of The Maryland Group of Long & Foster Real Estate.  To sell or buy a home in Southern Maryland, email our team at, or visit our website.

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